The Perfect Hope - Nora Roberts One thing I hate about paranormal fiction are the ghosts that want to be all cryptic. Look, if I'm spending time trying to figure out YOUR mystery, be a little more forthcoming with information.

Another thing that bugged me: Yes, Clare is pregnant. But she had her book already. We don't constantly need comments about Clare's belly, her soon to be twins, and other preggo stuff. I really don't care. 5 boys under the age of ten is her (and Beckett's) problem.

I do like how there was resolution to the Wickham storyline. The fact that Jonathan and Sheridan come at different occasions and mess around with Hope pissed me off, but then Ryder bloodlessly takes care of the situation. I also like how Dad Wickham doesn't try to defend his son and his actions, but admits it and agrees to take care of it. It's a refreshing change from the corrupt corporate executive character.

It was a little contrived that Hope is the descendant of Eliza and Ryder of the elusive Billy. It was a lot of forces at work to bring Hope to Boonsboro.

I really enjoyed Avery's enthusiasm over her new restaurant and it sounds like an excellent place. I was also envious of the baker. Where can I get that gig?