Babycakes - Donna Kauffman Again, like my review of the previous book in the series my main two complaints are 1.) the female character's background story is so fucked up and there is absolutely no hellfire brought upon the offenders. Especially when the offenders in question are Kit's brother-in-law and SISTER. And 2.) once again, character brought in out of nowhere. An offhand, easily overlooked sentence with Kit's name does not count as foreshadowing. It's a good thing the books themselves are so good and involve a subject that I am passionate about because those would be dealbreakers otherwise.

Now it's a bit contrived that the person Kit falls in love with is part of the family of lawyers that helped destroy Kit's family and legacy. If I were still licking my wounds from the betrayal and the end of a family legacy, last thing I would do is get involved with somebody who's family was responsible, even if he's so separated from his family. I would still have to deal with that cold bitch of a mother and the rest of them. It would be years before I could stop wishing horrible fates upon them all. I definitely could not commit to one of their family members and help raise one of their progeny.

I've made it very clear in past reviews that I'm not a fan of children in my romance novels, but the kid was pretty cute. The subplot with the turtles seem kind of out there when cupcakes are the usual background character, but it fit. I continue to really like all the characters and the setting.