Midnight Bayou - Nora Roberts This book was merely okay. The two romantic leads were all right, though Declan was TOO perfect. He really had no flaws other than being a little stubborn and presumptuous in regards to his pursuing a relationship with Lena. I enjoyed the New Orleans setting and Miss Odette. Again, I have to wonder about Nora Roberts' relationship with her mother. I cannot name a single NR book where the female lead did NOT have a toxic relationship with her mother. Meanwhile, her male leads always have a great relationship; obviously that's based on her and her sons.

The supernatural element just kind of...ended. There was no true resolution, which is disappointing because the reincarnation setup was really interesting and a departure from Roberts' usual paranormal plots. Okay, you have reincarnation and maladjusted spirits roaming around and there's no exorcism or at least show some sort of settlement when Declan and Lena come together in the end.

Bringing in Lilibeth did nothing but piss off the reader and there was no real justice (aside note: I REALLY hate that in books where a character does something so awful and they don't get their comeuppance). Trespassing into somebody's house and stealing about $10K worth of items and money kind of goes into felony territory. Then you have the background story that doesn't really end in proper justice, either. I HATE that in books.

I did like Remy and Effie and obviously Effie was another reincarnated spirit which is hinted at, but not really explored. It goes back to a previous point: you have the reincarnations of past people all managing to come together and it's not properly explored. It would have made the book a lot more interesting.