Some Like It Hot - Louisa Edwards I am liking this series so far. Again, I love how Edwards uses food descriptions as metaphors and similes. "Soft and sticky like brioche dough." I can relate to that statement because I've worked with brioche dough. Although after you've added the butter, that shit is greasy, too. /tangent I just like how the food is as much as a feature character as the people.

I've wanted to see Danny and Eva's story after the first book started hinting at their eventual pairing. The main obstacle is Danny being able to put himself first for once instead of his team. Although Max and Jules from the first book have made it harder for him because now they're far too into their honeymoon phase to put forth their best work. There's just some things I wish Danny had said to Max and Jules instead of biting his words back. Kind of sucks that Edwards made me start disliking the first coupling. Who the fuck do the two of you think you are, hijacking the bed and the like and leave everybody else to sleep in discomfort?

We also start getting hints about Beck's past because we see his not-actually-ex-wife as the leader of the West Coast team. I've started it now and I have an idea of where it's going to go and if I'm right, it's going to annoy me.

Eva's father, Theo, is a grade-A douche. Especially when he's decided he wants Claire back, showing no signs of having changed himself from what made Claire dump him in the first place. And thinking he's the better option over Kane. And thinking that he can even begin to make up for years of neglectful and downright shitty parenting.

I'm looking forward to finishing out the series and seeing where things end up. Given the genre, I think the East Coast team is going to win the whole thing, but I get a feeling that they may not, which would tick me off. Don't get me invested in this team over the span of three books only to have them lose. That's not why I read this genre, yo.