The Accidental Bride - Christina Skye I bought this on impulse at CVS because the premise sounded interesting. I found it funny that it turns out the female lead is a chef/restaurant-owner with her own salsa line. No wonder the book called to me, eh?

Jilly O'Hara is a former foster child who was abandoned as a baby who worked hard to succeed in life without having the familial safety net to help and guide her. Unfortunately, a heart defect that had gone undetected causes her to collapse from a heart attack at the age of 27. With her future now uncertain, her friends send her to a knitting retreat at Lost Creek Resort in Wyoming. At arrival, she meets war hero Walker Hale and his dog Winslow.

The book was a little superficial. The characters are two-dimensional. You get little snippets of their past and their characterization, but not so much that you can get a sense of their motivations. It kind of makes the revelation of Walker's family come out of left field. The chemistry between the two leads was good, but I really need to know more about them to get a sense of their feelings on it rather than just sort of saying they like each other.

Also, some minor plot points are unresolved. Like what favor does Walker's father ask of him in repayment of what Walker asked him to do? It's mentioned several times that is what is going to happen and that it will be something manipulative.

Then there's the fact that the fake wedding thing that's mentioned on the summary in the back, that starts off the book, and gives the book its title doesn't happen until almost the end of the book. When I picked up the book, I thought that the two leads would be virtual strangers when approached to do the faux-wedding and then the book would go on to develop the romance between the two while they're "married."

But it was a nice read and I'm a sucker for food in fiction and I did like the characters, so it gets three stars on that alone.