Stranger - Megan Hart A good read, but my main complaint is that it's not totally clear which pairing we should root for: Sam/Grace or Jack/Grace. We get so much more time with Jack/Grace despite knowing that the main pairing is/should be Sam/Grace. In the end, Sam is just too flawed a person to want him to be the one to end up with Grace. He has a drinking problem that is just handwaved at the end (from personal experience, such issues are not so easily resolved). He acts like an asshole when he finds out about Grace's predilection for rentboys (Jack), like she cheated on him when at that point, they weren't doing much more than flirting. He calls at obscene hours, knowing the nature and hours of Grace's job and business (I hate when romantic heroes do things like this. It's not cute, it's annoying).

Note: Sam is the brother of the male protagonist of Dirty and Jack is the guy Dan & Elle have a threesome with. I wished that common link between Grace & Elle was discovered by the two of them.