Small Sacrifices: A True Story of Passion and Murder (Signet) - Ann Rule This is the first Ann Rule book I've read and I'll probably read more of hers. It's a very descriptive account of one of the most notorious murder cases where a woman shoots her three kids in order to be with her married boyfriend who didn't want kids. 2 of the kids survive, but only one is old enough to be a credible witness, despite her severe injuries.

The case is relevant now because Becky Babcock or whatsherass is whoring out the fact that her biological mother is Diane Downs, despite the fact that she never grew up with the woman, wasn't abused by her like Christie, Cheryl, and Danny, and was not in the car that night on May 19, 1983. She was born a full year afterward and was conceived to be nothing more than a tool for Diane to achieve her means. She was immediately adopted out to a loving family, so it's a bit insensitive to use your older half-siblings' tragedy and trauma to get airtime. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Otherwise, it was really interesting to read a full account of the prosecutors, the kids, the background of everybody, and namely, Diane Downs. From a psychological standpoint, it was like getting an insider's account of a person with several personality disorders.