Bed of Roses - Nora Roberts Emma's childish behavior and the fact that nobody called her out for it and instead babied her made me downright hate an otherwise enjoyable book. It's been months since I've read it and the "big fight" still makes me rage. Emma refused to respect Jack's boundaries and then had the nerve to blow up at him when he wasn't falling all over her, but somehow it's all Jack's fault? Note that when Emma went crying to her friends, she deliberately failed to mention the stealing of a key, the breaking and entering, and her inability to communicate.

Emma is all the negative stereotypes of women that are continually perpetuated in romantic fiction and it's even worse when the author still puts the character in the right when the male did absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn't have been left to be the one to apologize. Definitely Nora Roberts' weakest.

By the by, this same sort of thing is why I disliked Black Hills.