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Can't Stand The Heat (Recipe for Love) - Louisa Edwards

Okay. I understand being under all sorts of stress because you're opening a new restaurant in a big-fish food city (NYC), you're the newest hot thing and there's pressure to deliver your promises about your food and keep interest going to survive and not close after the hype dies down, and you have a critic doing a month-long internship (which was your fault in the first place, letting your mouth run before your brain kicks in).


BUT, yelling at your critic intern in front of the entire staff isn't cool. Yes, a fucked-up stock fucks up the food. However, you can't bitch out somebody for a rookie mistake when they are (DUN DUN DUN) a rookie! If Miranda was formally trained in culinary school and/or had X-number of years in a professional kitchen under her belt, then fucking up stock is a bitch-out-able offense. But she isn't. 


I don't buy the whole, "I can't cook" thing, though. Sure, not know how to properly skim stock. But at all? And you're such a well-known critic that people dread your appearance?