Gluten-Free Girl: How I Found the Food That Loves Me Back & How You Can Too - Shauna James Ahern

I had to flounce this book. It was nothing more than a hate read in the first place because I hate read her blog. Shauna Ahern is nothing more than a poseur and an all-around terrible person. There's so much of her bashing her mother and looking down upon people who don't abide by her constantly changing standards. Packaged foods are for the proles, unless they're a sponsor for her blog, for example.


Her writing is godawful. I would rather attempt to read Blindness again (go read the first chapter of Blindness. If you can get past the lack of paragraph breaks, dialogue tags, commas, and other punctuation, you have more patience and tolerance than I do). She writes like Stephanie Myers with a thesaurus. For somebody who was supposedly a former English teacher, that's just a damn shame.


As somebody who is an actual food professional (I'm a pastry chef instructor), her lack of understanding of ingredients and flavor balance continually bugs me. Using the most expensive and esoteric ingredients does not make you a Michelin-star level chef.


For everything else that makes me despise this woman, I just direct you to the 220+-page thread on the Get Off My Internets forum.